Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm always amazed, when dancing with the ancestors, at the interconnectedness (yes, I know, not a word, but it fits, so I'm using it) of the many branches of my family tree. I've already written about the twisted branches that make up the Hagan line - oy! - and the connection between the Boarman and Edelen families. In this post, I'm going to write about the Beaven and Boone (my mother's maternal line) families.

The descent of the Beaven line, as far as I've been able to trace back, begins with Charles Beaven who married twice: first to Martha Paca, by which he had all his children, and second to Mary Marsham.

Charles Beaven and Martha Paca had seven children: Sara, Richard, Margaret, Charles, Catherine, and Elizabeth. The bolded children are my direct ancestors. 

So, the descent goes something like this . . .

Charles Beaven - m - Martha Paca

Sara Beaven - m - Thomas Blandford            Elizabeth Beaven - m - John Boone

John Blandford - m - Elizabeth Hagan            Charles Boone - m - Mary Boarman

     Monica Blandford - m - Benjamin Hagan

Elizabeth Hagan - m - Walter Boone

So, Charles Beaven is the . . . 
  • father of Sara and Elizabeth 
  • grandfather of John Blandford and Charles Boone
  • great-grandfather of Monica Blandford and Walter Boone
  • great-great grandfather of Elizabeth Hagan and her son, by Walter Boone, William Henry Boone 
Don't you just love dancing with the ancestors. I mean, seriously, how often does it happen that a man is the great-great grandfather of a woman and her child. Ha! 

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