Monday, March 5, 2012

Interconnectedness - Part Two

As I mentioned in the previous post, "I'm always amazed, when dancing with the ancestors, at the interconnectedness (yes, I know, not a word, but it fits, so I'm using it) of the many branches of my family tree".

In the previous post, I discussed the descent of the Beaven line and how two children of Charles Beaven began a descent that ended up with the marriage of Elizabeth Hagan and Walter Boone who, through separate descents, are the great-great granddaughter and great-grandson, respectively, of Charles Beaven, which made their son William Henry Boone both the great-great and great-great-great grandson of Charles Beaven.

So, once again while dancing with the ancestors, I have come across this interconnectedness, but this time with the Page (which merges with the Sweat - my mother's paternal line) family as follows . . .

So, the descent goes something like this . . .

Robert Page - m - Margaret Goodwin

Robert Page - m - Lucy Ward                         Ann Page - m - Edward Colcord

Thomas Page - m - Mary Hussey                   Hannah Colcord - m - Thomas Dearborn

            Bethia Page - m - John Swett                 Thomas Dearborn - m - Mary Garland

 Nathan Swett - m - Mary Dearborn

So, Robert Page and Margaret Goodwin-Page are the . . . 
  • parents of Robert Page and Ann Page 
  • the grandparents of Thomas Page and Hannah Colcord
  • the great-grandparents of Bethia Page and Thomas Dearborn
  • the great-great grandparents of Nathan Swett and Mary Dearborn  
And, for a different perspective . . .

  • Robert Page and Ann Page are siblings
  • Thomas Page and Hannah Colcord are first cousins
  • Bethia Page and Thomas Dearborn are second cousins
  • Nathan Swett and his wife Mary Dearborn are third cousins
  • Dearborn Swett is not only a sibling to his, well, siblings, but also a fourth cousin to them

Don't you just love dancing with the ancestors. I mean, seriously, how often does it happen that a man is a brother to his brothers/sisters, and yet also a fourth cousin. Ha! 

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