Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interconnectedness - Part III

In dancing with the ancestors I've noticed an interconnectedness within families, way back in the day. Siblings from one family marrying siblings of another family, siblings being fourth cousins to each other, and some other things. This interconnectedness always fascinates me and, just when I think I've seen as much interconnectedness as I can, something else pops out at me like . . .

. . . my 5 x great-grandfather Nathan Swett's second marriage to Jane Stickney-Garland, widow of Joseph Garland.

Now, to put it into perspective, the Swett descent to Nathan is as follows . . .

John Swett - m - Phebe (Surname Unknown)

Benjamin Swett - m - Hester Weare

John Swett - m - Bethia Page

Nathan Swett - m - Mary Dearborn

Mary Dearborn is the daughter of Thomas Dearborn and Mary Garland, who is the daughter of John Garland and Rebecca Sears, who also happen to be the parents of Joseph Garland . . . Jane Stickeny's first husband.

So, to put it into perspective . . . Nathan Swett married his deceased wife's cousin's wife. Uh-huh! Yeah, I found it a bit odd too.

For more on my family's interconnectedness check out . . .

So, when dancing with the ancestors don't be surprised to find that an ancestor married a deceased wife's cousin's widow. Oy!


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