Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Same Name, Different Ancestor

What the Heck???!!!???

So, I'm dancing with the ancestors, adding the siblings, and their marriages, of my direct ancestors - on my maternal side - and I came across the name Mary Hussey. She married Moses Swett, brother to my ancestor John Swett.

The name seems familiar. I don't know why. I scroll through the Swett/Sweat side of the family tree and -


- Mary Hussey married Thomas Page. Their daughter Bethia married John Swett, son of Benjamin Swett.

The Horrors!!

Okay, not really, because . . .

. . . Mary's brother John married Rebecca Perkins and they had a daughter who they - you got it - named Mary!


Well, let's talk about freaky.

John Swett and Moses Swett are siblings. Mary Hussey (who married Thomas Page) and John Hussey are siblings.

Mary Hussey (who married Moses Swett) is the niece of his brother's mother-in-law and the cousin to his brother John's wife Bethia. Yeah, you read that right. Read it again for good measure.

Ewwwwww! Ha!

So, when you come across the same name, but different ancestor, when dancing with the ancestors, take a deep breath, and begin to dig just a little bit more. You'll probably find that Mary and Mary are related but not the same person, just like I did since, back in the day, the same names were passed down generation after generation, and amont siblings. Crazy but true!!

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