Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Tate House

The Tate House was a boarding house run by my great-great grandparents James Douglas (aka Dug) Tate and Mary Jane (McGregor) Tate in the late 1890s.

Tate House & Boarders
Photo Taken Between 1902 & 1915

The Tate House was located on the corner of East Main and Sparta Streets in McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee.

James Douglas & Mary Jane (McGregor) Tate
Photo Taken before 1902

After James' death in 1902, Mary Jane continued to run the boarding house along with the help of her daughter and son-in-law: Martha Ann (Tate) and Charles (aka Charley) Mitchell.

Martha (Tate) Mitchell, Mary Jane (McGregor) Tate, Charley Mitchell & Dog
Photo Taken Between 1902 & 1915

Tate House Boarders
Charley Mitchell (my great-grandfather) is seated, 2nd person from end on right.

Charley Mitchell (standing) in front of Tate House

About 1915, the Tate House was sold to the Brown family, as Mary Jane, Martha and Charley relocated to Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Sometime in the mid 1920s the house burnt down, and by 1926, the Brown Motel was built on the same spot.

The Tate House was originally the Tate residence, most likely the house built by John Tate and his wife Leodicia Hogg when they first settled in the Warren County area in the very early 1800s. At some point, I'll dig through microfilm to find the deeds. At some point . . .

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