Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Do I Do Genealogy?

For the family members checking out my blog lately, you're probably wondering WTH with these different posts, rather than the family specific related posts I've been doing lately when dancing with the ancestors. Well, it's because I'm an Ancestry Ace - I'm not sure that tops Cousin of the Century which is my current title within the family since I wrested that title from my cousin Kathy (ha), but - and they keep putting out blog prompts and, well, I keep responding to them here.

Never fear, more family specific posts will follow, but more likely than not, it will be after I finish the prep for our upcoming family reunion at the end of June. Too much to do, and too little time.

But, back to the main question: Why do I do genealogy?

Simply put - because it's fun. I love the mystery. I love digging deeper and deeper, looking here, there, and everywhere, in search of an elusive ancestor. I love the brick walls that, more times than not, I've been able to knock down and discover what little skeleton was hiding behind the wall. Kidding. 

Okay, maybe not so much.

Seriously, it's not just about finding out about the past - where my ancestors came from, why they settled where they did, and then migrated somewhere else - it's about putting names to the ancestors . . . which is easier to do with Census Records that list the entire family, then further back when only the heads of households were mentioned.

Still, connecting the dates, finding my way through the maze, and all that jazz associated with dancing with the ancestors, is why I do genealogy.


  1. Scott, I love it! Cousin of the Century - I'm curious just what goes into receiving such a title. Do you have to recite four generations of your family tree? Is there a swimsuit competition? And planning a family reunion - been there, done that. Totally stressful. And (mostly) totally worth it. Good luck! Glad to have you on board as an Ace.

    1. Crista - sorry for the delay in response. I didn't see I had a comment out there to moderate.

      As for Cousin of the Century, my cousin Kathy informed me that it was an appointed position, no voting necessary . . . so I stripped the title from her and appointed it to myself. Ha!

      The reunion was great - 95 of us! I was one of 36 grandkids, and my mother 1 of 10 children, so it was her siblings and families, the grandkids and their families, and the great-grandkids and their families . . . and there were quite a few missing.